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CSG Smart

An in-depth view of this 3 month project at BBY/ FS CHQ.
Tree Sign_4.5.png
The Customer Service Group or CSG Smart campaign was one that I worked on at the Future Shop / Best Buy CHQ. CSG Smart was a training program within the company where employees could upgrade there merchandising and marketing skills online. This started off as a project where I was to design a logo and certifcates. Over three months it grew into much more!
Standing CSG Smart Signage - 4'5" Tall
CSG Smart Wall Signage Instalment

​Four weeks leading up to the introduction of CSG Smart Training Course to Best Buy / Future Shop CHQ. Each week the trees would grow larer and more leaves were added to fill the trees out more. Also, the CSG logo evolved into a full, final logo with the growth of the trees to announce the beginning of CSG Smart.

Left Door Poster
leading in to event. - 30" x 40"
CSG Smart Launch Day - Feb. 16, 2012

Held in the Best Buy / Future Shop CHQ boardroom.

Right Door Poster
leading in to event. - 30" x 40"
CSG Smart Print (2012)

This is where it all started. First with a logo and then the certificate, which is given to people who successfully complete the CSG Smart retail marketing courses. Foil stickers were also added to make the certificates more official and rewarding.

Small Posters - 11" x 17"

These small posters were posted all over CHQ leading up to launch day.

CSG Orientation Test Banners for BBY/FS CHQ through their Wiki site.
CSG Smart Tree Signage - 3 sizes

Trees started at 4'5" tall, then went to 6' tall and even bigger to 8' tall. They became more showy and bolder for launch day.

Standing CSG Smart Signage - 6' Tall
Associate of the Month (Amber) - Feb 2012

For all my long hours and hard work on the CSG Smart project I was given the honor of AOM.

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