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Southern Sweet Bee Honey

This was one of my favourite projects to work on. What an awesome experience! I was quite busy working full-time at Best Buy/ Future Shop at the time, at night I was taking part in competition design sites as well. Bee Keeper and owner, Mike from Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.A. found me through a design site. He bought three of my label designs for his company, Southern Sweet Bee Honey out of many entries. From there my work with Southern Sweet Bee grew into much more work over the years. After all labels were printed and placed on every jar of delicious 100% pure organic Southern Sweet Bee Honey, I worked on illustrations for a wooden display cabinets that would showcase bees working in our environment to help wildlife and nature. My illustrations were lasered into cherry wood display cabinet panels that showcased the pure, golden, natural honey in many stores across the U.S.A. In May of 2015, I started drawing hundreds of elements for 6 final panels of wildlife scenery for the display units. The panel drawings were completed just before Christmas 2015. Today I continue working on various projects for Southern Sweet Bee Honey, such as signage of varying sizes, small signs to large billboards, business cards, social media ads and a series of candle labels. This has kept me very busy over the years. Southern Sweet Bee Honey really appreciated my work and also helped to connect me with a group of wonderful new clients in Alabama. I have been very busy with my new clients as well, designing logos, labels and illustrations that were also lasered into wooden products.
Alabama sunset photos by Mike Keller
Cabinet Panels
Southern Sweet Bees

I updated the Southern Sweet Bee
for various projects.

Scented Beeswax & Soy Candles

Full wrap around, clear labels accented with gold foil for 14 scents.

"Bella" Baby Bees

These baby bee characters are mock-ups for a future Southern Sweet Bee educational children's book.

Honey Labels

I designed regular labels in 3 sizes, as well as one clear label to showcase a honeycomb in the jar of honey.

Click on the above images to view further details of other exciting pieces!
My drawings were lasered into six panels for wooden display cabinets that hold 100% pure Alabama honey and beeswax candles. All artwork was lasered into the wood panels by CatScratch for Southern Sweet Bee Honey.
Honey Display
First-Aid Sweet Bee
Regular honey label created for 3 sizes.
Clear honey label with honeycomb inside.
Product and store shots
Candle Bee
Click on the display image to view process nature drawings.
Click on the candles to see more!

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